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Since 1985 Key to Australia has provided professional finance and investment strategies to those who want to increase their property investment portfolio or purchase their first home. Through knowledge, research and understanding, our property team search and hand pick the best investment properties that suit your current stage in your life journey.

We provide experience and expert knowledge about the property investment climate within Australia to help you decide on the best property products that will bring you continued growth and improvement to your financial position for years to come. We will help you achieve your retirement goals and or wealth creation goals through property investment in Australia.

Property investing seminar


The steps throughout your journey to help you understand where you are now or where you should be in the future.

AGES 25-30

Creating the right
financial routine.

Creating the right financial routine while you’re still young is the key to having more and living a less stressful life when you are older.

AGES 30-45

Establish your
financial foundation.

This is the busiest time of your life and also the most important as you will be more inclined to be financially focused setting up for your future.

AGES 45-55

Increase your

With this area of your journey usually comes an increase in income and the time you generally want a better home, nicer car and your children’s requirements will consume your income.

AGES 55-65

Plan for your retirement

Do you want to retire comfortably? Go on long vacations and travel? Enjoy yourself without the worry of your funds? Planning your retirement is extremely important regardless of age or what you do.

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New South Wales


Investment Property

Let us help you identify the right investment property in the right area in Australia for your circumstances. Everyone is different so it's important we sit down with your and discuss where you want to be in the future.

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