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These are uncertain financial times with COVID-19.  But we can make it just that bit better by offering a FREE no obligation mortgage health check to assist you with a interest rate review. To help you increase your cash flow and reduce your interest rate. 


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Did you know the Reserve Bank of Australia has reduced the cash rate to just 0.25%? Interest rates are at an all-time low. This means you will be able to reduce your home loan interest rate and have more money in your pocket. 

Which means there are 100's of loan products to choose from that will help you reduce your mortgage interest rate, potentially to as little as 0.75%*.

We will look at over 60 lenders and and over 600 loan products to find the one that best suits you and your situation, because that's the difference if the loan doesn't suit you we don't recommend it.

It's a bit like going into a car yard and wanting an automatic Ford but all they have are manual Mazda's.  You wouldn't by the Mazda just because it's a car as well, would you?

It's the same when you go to a bank for a mortgage, they can only offer you what they have at their bank.

We will evaluate and compare your home loan rate with hundreds of other loan products and find you the best rate that fits with you and your family.

Free Home Loan Health Check

Compare My Mortgage

Let us complete a free home loan health check for you to see if we can find a better deal.  We could even help you pay off your home loan sooner.

Free Investment Property Health Check

Investment Property Health Check

Our mortgage brokers will be able to help you pay off your home loan in 5-7 years* & make sure your investment property is on the best rate.  

Free Debt Consolidation Check

Consolidate My Debt

Getting overwhelmed with personal loans or credit card debt?  Let us help you reduce that debt with a lower interest rate & consolidating all your debts into your home loan.

Your Key To Australia Mortgage Broker

We are a registered Mortgage Broker in Australia.  We have access to over 60+ lenders/banks and over 600 loan products to help you find the right loan for your personal circumstances.  You can be certain with our financial support we will find you the right loan to fit and suit your individual needs.

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Why It Costs You Nothing To Speak With Us

We are an Australian registered mortgage broker which enables us to have access to over 60+ lenders/banks and over 600+ loan products.  We find the lender that fits your specific loan situation (not just the bank you deal with) and negotiate the best deal for you.  We are unbiased in our process as we find the best loan, because it's all about you, not us.  Then once the loan is approved we get paid by the lender. 


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We can arrange to have the free meeting via ZOOM or SKYPE during the day, evenings and or weekends. Our available appointments are from 9am to 8pm, CONTACT US today to book your spot.

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If you prefer to talk to us over the phone we can be reached: Gold Coast 07 5574 1331 or Melbourne 03 9863 9997. CONTACT US

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We can meet you in either our Gold Coast or Melbourne office, or if you prefer we can meet in your own home. We want to make sure you feel safe during COVID-19, feel free to use our phone, ZOOM or SKYPE meetings. CONTACT US

Compare My Mortgage

So you can enjoy the best interest rates!

Credit Representative Number 493774 is authorised under Australian Credit Licence Number 389328.  Your full financial situation and requirements need to be considered prior to any offer and acceptance of a loan product.

*Requires to purchase or already own an investment property