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Free Property Investment Seminar Melbourne

Join Our Free Property Investment Seminar Melbourne.

Learn to Build a Multimillion-Dollar Property Portfolio &

Retire Earlier Than You Think!

  • Do you want to purchase an investment property but just don't know where to begin?
  • Are you unsure of what your financial future will look like and whether you will enough money during retirement?
  • Do you want to know how to build wealth through property so you can do what you want when you want?
  • Do you want to learn how to build a multimillion-dollar property portfolio?
  • If your answer is yes to any of the above then come along to one of our new educational property investment seminars...
Property investment and educational seminar melbourne

Hi, I'm Mark Scarrott,  MultiMillion-Dollar Property Mentor, Investor and Developer, 

Owner and CEO of Key to Australia.  

We would love to see you at one of our free property investment seminars in Melbourne.

Property seminar melbourne

Free Property Investment Seminar Melbourne

Discover How to Purchase an Investment Property in Melbourne, Build a Multimillion-Dollar Property Portfolio & Retire Earlier Than You Think…

The Australian property market is massive, there are 5 million+ people in Melbourne alone, and Melbourne is tipped to become bigger than Sydney and the most popular city in Australia.   This is only going to push property prices up to new levels.

Australia has a population of over 25 Million, but small compared to other major countries around the world.

But that is just the beginning more and more people from around the world want to live in Australia because of its lifestyle, beaches, jobs, opportunities, security, government and freedom Australia gives to families.

During this property investment seminar we will show you how to purchase an investment property in Australia so that you can prosper and live the lifestyle you want. 

If any of the below relate to you then come along to our free property investment seminar in Melbourne to learn how you can get out of the rat race and start to build a life you want...

If you Answer 'YES' to any of the below questions

then you must attend our FREE property investment

seminar in Melbourne so you can learn how to

purchase an investment Property the right way...

  • Are you tired of not having enough money at the end of the month?
  • Do you feel you are just working to pay off your home mortgage?
  • Do you want more out of life than just working to then retire?
  • Do you want to build a multimillion-dollar portfolio that will produce an income to help with your retirement?
  • Do you want to retire in the next 5 years, but not sure where to start?
  • Do you want to create a minimum passive income of $2,000 per week?




"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"

Benjamin Franklin

Free Property Investment Seminar Melbourne - Start and Finish Times

  • Registration from 6.30pm
  • Start: 7.00pm
  • Finish: 8.30pm
  • FREE
  • Biscuits, coffee, tea and water supplied

Booming Melbourne Property Market to Become

Nation's Largest City By 2026!

Melbourne is set to become the largest city in Australia surpassing Sydney for the first time.   What this means is more people will need housing, pushing the prices of existing and new housing up.  People need to live someone, so your new investment property will be a perfect fit for your tenant and the growing population of Australia.  Come along to our free property investment seminar Melbourne to get yourself educated.

Your Presenter

MultiMillion-Dollar Mentor, Property Investor and Developer Mark Scarrott

Mark Scarrott owner and CEO of Key to Australia will share with you how he has helped hundreds of people purchase and build multimillion-dollar property portfolios.

From beginners to experienced investors should come along to this property investment seminar Melbourne. Mark will share with you the secrets to becoming successful in property investment in Australia.

Mark was born in Hastings and went to school in Auckland, though has been living in Australia for the last 35 years.

Key to Australia has been operating since 1985 and have helped 1000’s of Kiwis and Aussies purchase an investment property in Australia for their retirement and wealth creation.

Mark will share with you how he has helped mums and dads on low-incomes, right through to high-income earners, where some have purchased over four investment properties and now investing in developments.

Mark has inspired and educated ordinary everyday people to purchase an investment property in Australia to assist them to reach their retirement and wealth creation goals that they can be proud of.

"Too many people leave it too late to invest in their future, start today, I'll show you how to an purchase investment property in Australia so you have the right education and know how to make the right decision.  A well-informed decision is far better than no decision at all."

Join Mark at this property investment seminar in Melbourne. Mark will help you make a difference in your life and show you how easy it is to purchase an investment property that will help support your family and future retirement goals.

Property seminar melbourne



You want to know how to build a multimillion-dollar property portfolio

You would like to know how to purchase an investment property in Australia

You would like achieve gross yields above 6% via land and house builds to create cash flow

You would like to know how to purchase a property in either Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast

You would like to know how to retire early by investing in Australian property

You own your own home but don’t know how to use your equity to purchase a property in Australia

You are tired of high house prices & want to learn how to purchase the right type of property

You want a cash flow positive property, not an investment that takes your cash

You want to build wealth to save for a better retirement for you and your family

Property seminar melbourne

What You Will Learn During This

Property Investment Seminar Melbourne

  • How to build a multimillion-dollar property portfolio
  • How to purchase property in Australia, effortlessly
  • How you can purchase a brand new 4-bed house & land for under $550k in capital growth areas not small towns
  • How to achieve a 6% to 7% gross yield
  • Why you need more money when you retire than you think
  • Discover what areas of Australia are performing the best and its not what you think
  • Discover how a $650,000 property can achieve $700 per week in rent, brand new build with own land
  • Understand and know the areas you need to avoid, forget mining towns or places in the middle of nowhere
  • Understand the changes in the banks’ lending process
  • What the tax implications are and how you can do it correctly
  • What are the correct structures you need to buy in Australia, and it's not rocket science
  • How to purchase a property that’s cash flow positive from day one
  • How to access the equity in your home to purchase a property in Australia, it's so easy
  • How to get lending and have the banks say ‘Yes’
  • How to purchase a brand new investment property and pay off your home mortgage quicker,  this strategy is not readily available in Australia but the banks won't tell you
  • How owning an Australian investment property can help you purchase your own home, rentvesting is alive and well

Property seminar melbourne

The Australian Government Can Not Cope

With the Ageing Population

If you are expecting to retire on just your super then its just not going to be enough.  

You need to plan for  your future retirement either that being investing in property, shares or business.  Whatever it is you must act now. Not when its too late. 

The Australian government will push the retirement age up whether we like it or not, so you don't want to be working longer than you have to.  Start today to invest in yourself and learn to purchase and investment property so you can retire with passive income and actually live life in retirement not just living.

Property is Not Getting Any Cheaper in Melbourne!

The worst thing you can do is wait to purchase either a home or investment property.  Whether you can or can't you need to learn and learn the right way.

Property is getting more and more expensive and it's not getting any cheaper, don't expect it to either.  Those who wait lose and those who act get in before it gets more and more expensive.

How many times have you heard that the market is going to crash - plenty right!

But it only drops a small amount then rebounds and goes back up, it's now your turn...

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Property seminar melbourne

What People Are Saying About Our Property Investment Seminar Melbourne

Key to australia testimonial

"Key to Australia has assisted us through the entire process"

“My wife and I first met Mark in 2003 and have since then obtained three investment properties. Key to Australia has assisted us through the entire process of property investing and it has always been at our pace and within our comfort zone. Mark and his team have at all times being upfront, diligent and supportive of our goals and assisted us in preparing for our future.”

Neil & Tessa Prestipino
- Traralgon, Victoria
Duncan Garner Key to Australia

“I decided to see if they were the real deal or just all talk.." 

“As a journalist working on Radio Live I interviewed Mark Scarrott as he was promoting Key to Australia on our programme. I decided to see if they were the real deal or just all talk, being a journalist of course. I went to Australia to see what they were doing (on my own expense with no intention of purchasing) and ended up purchasing a property. The process was so easy, their knowledge of the market is exceptional, and they walk you through everything. I received constant updates on the building of the property from just a dirt site to fully completed. On the day it settled a tenant moved in and I’ve never missed a rental payment. They did what they said they would with no glamorous claims, I trust them, and I would highly recommend them.”

Duncan Garner, Auckland
- Host AM Breakfast Show
Key to Australia testimonial

“We whole heartedly recommend Mark"

“Lindy and I were keen to enter the property investment market for the first time, but were novices and unsure of how to proceed. Upon meeting Mark for the first time we were immediately struck by his professionalism and excellent knowledge and experience of the property market. Mark understands the needs of his clients and is capable of explaining the complexities in easy to understand terms. Working with Mark and his team has been both a success and a pleasurable experience. We whole heartedly recommend Mark and will have no hesitation in utilising his services again.”

Brad & Linda Cunnimgham
- Bayswater, Victoria

A Special Free Gift For Attending

"Why you can't save yourself rich" 

free ebook

When you register and attend our property investment seminar you will receive a copy of our latest eBook - "WHY YOU CAN'T SAVE YOURSELF RICH" - The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom Through Property Investment.

Why you can't save yourself rich ebook image

Check Out Our Other Stories From Clients

Buying Investment Property in Australia

Key to Australia testimonial

“The whole process felt easy and it was."

“We had heard about Key to Australia (KTA) for some time and finally thought it was time to give them a call and see what they had to offer. We hadn’t considered buying in Australia before but always liked the idea, especially seeing properties on holiday.
I didn’t know much about the Australian market but talking to KTA and how the market works, where is the best places to buy and avoid which helped me get over the line in purchasing the property.

The whole process felt easy and it was, though like anything it takes time. But KTA made is so simple and they were always there answering any questions or queries we had.
They helped us with the finance in both Australia and New Zealand as well as making sure the tax was setup right. We never felt locked in or pressured to do anything, KTA have a great team.

Once the first stage was done the property was built extremely fast and we had a tenant move in (which KTA organised) on day one of completion.
We are constantly updated on the property and never had issues with our tenant. We are proud owners of an investment property in Australia, wish we did it earlier.
We would highly recommend KTA, give them a call it was so simple.”

Aaron & Sophie Keown
- Christchurch, New Zealand
Key to Australia testimonial

 "I'm now the proud owner of a property in Australia."

"“Julie and I would like to thank you, not only for your invaluable advice but also for your time and inexhaustible patience while setting us up with our properties. Your professional approach in all matters prompted a feeling of confidence and not the expected sensation of anxiety or in trepidation!

Julie and I have benefited enormously from your expertise and we would recommend your services to all our friends, family and work colleagues. Once again, many thanks to yourself and the team behind the scenes.”

Chris & Julie Thomason
- Port Kennedy, WA

A Property Investment Seminar in Melbourne

Could Cost Over $500

Now days you can't even go out in Melbourne without spending a couple of hundred dollars on dinner and drinks, let alone the cost of the Uber home.

This educational seminar is FREE which is an absolute steal for the information you will receive. Don't put it off just because of a few hours to put aside.  This is an investment into your future.

Imagine what you would say to yourself when you are in retirement...

I wish I went to that seminar to learn how to purchase an investment property or

I'm glad I went as now I can go on holiday's whenever I want.  

Deciding Whether You Should Come to Our 

Free Property Investment Seminar Melbourne or Not?

Learning something new is the only way you can understand it otherwise its all just hearsay.

If you truly want to build wealth over a long period of time and enjoy going on holidays when you want, purchase the car or home you really want, then we highly recommend to come along one of our property seminars.  

Don't worry we wont be selling any property just bring along a pen and paper as you will need to write down what we say. 

This seminar is pure education you can take home and implement straight away.

The Pros List

  • Learn how to build a multimillion-dollar property portfolio
  • Learn how to purchase an investment property in Australia
  • Learn how to earn $2,000 per week
  • Learn from those who have already built a property portfolio

The Cons List

  • You may miss your favourite show on TV
  • You won't be able to watch Netflix or Stan for a few hours
  • You may learn something and become way to wealthy
  • You might end up learning how to purchase an investment property
Property seminar melbourne

Frequently Ask​ed Questions

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If I can't make the seminar can I contact you?

What time does the seminar start?

Can I bring a friend or family member?

Will I learn anything at the seminar

Will I be able to ask questions?


P.S.: Whether you know something or nothing about property investing in Australia there has never been a better time than now.  The market around Australia has either hit the bottom of the market or it is nearly there.  There are some amazing opportunities out there, let us show you at one of our property investment seminars in Melbourne.  You can stay at home and wait or get going and learn how to invest in property.

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