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What You Get in Your Free Rental Property Appraisal

Full Property Assessment

A full assessment of your rental property including size, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas.  This will also include outdoor living space, storage and garage facilities. We will also look at appliances and other mod-cons in the property

Location Assessment

An assessment of your property's location, its proximity to local attractions, nearby amenities & how this increases attractiveness to tenants

Rental Market Conditions Assessment

An analysis of current rental market conditions, trends and the performance of similar rental properties in the area, and subsequently how much rent you could expect to get for your property.

Improvement Options Assessment

We will discuss with you ways to improve your rental property to increase your rental return and improve your chance of attracting a quality tenant

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Property Management

Rent your property with Key To Australia property managers who are investors themselves

Key To Australia helps Australian, Kiwi and other investors from around the world purchase homes and investment properties through our property investment services.

We understand what it takes to not only purchase the right property in the right location as well as attract the best tenants.

We have been building property investment portfolios for our clients for years.  We understand property management to make sure our clients have success through their investment portfolio.

Let us do the heavy lifting while you enjoy your lifestyle. 

Maximise Your Returns with Key To Australia By Your Side

At Key To Australia our main priority is making sure we maintain a rental income from your investment property.  Making sure you have the best tenant in place that not only looks after your asset, pays rent on time but actually enjoys living in your property.

This builds long term and reliable tenants you can trust, rather than having tenants who have no respect for the property or paying rent. 

Our property managers have come across all the problems and issues that come with managing properties, so for us its second nature to deal with these issues in a timely manner no matter how big or small they are.

This gives our landlords confidence we are working for them and making sure your asset is safe.

Building wealth through property investment loans
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Let Key To Australia Take The Stress Out of Managing Your Property

Lets face it, buying an investment property is exciting and rewarding, but managing tenants is not something you look forward to.

There are so many rules and regulations nowadays you could expect to have a law degree to understand and learn it all, and the worst part is that it keeps changing.

Don't try and save yourself some pennies and then find yourself in the courts against a tenant, trust us if you haven't documented everything and followed the law, you will lose every time. 

So why go through the pain and stress of trying to learn it all when using a property manager like Key To Australia solves all your issues in one easy step. 

Live Outside Australia?

No Problem Let Us Manage Your Property

Whether you live in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, America, United Kingdom, or anywhere else in the world and you own a rental property give us a call and take advantage of our free rental appraisal.

We understand and know how important is for you to trust a property manager to do the right thing and look after your investment as if it were your own.

We have many clients who are based overseas, where we manage their properties for them.  Don't run the risk of trying to manage your own property from overseas, our team is experienced in local legislation and property management law.  Contact us today.

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How Your Free Appraisal Will Work

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1. Fill in your details

Fill in one of the forms on this page or call us on +61 7 5574 1331 to discuss your rental property. 

free rental appraisal for property management

2. Your Key To Australia property manager will get in touch with you

We will contact you then arrange a time to discuss your rental property.  If you don't live in the area or country we can discuss over the phone and then also arrange to get access to the property.

Property Management

3. We will discuss our findings and report back to you to give feedback

We will call to discuss our findings with you. We will then go through your property in detail to help you identify areas that you can improve on which will help in finding the right tenant and achieving maximum rent.  We will also discuss rental price as well as our services and what you can expect.

Make The Right Decision For Your Investment Property.

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