Investment Property in Sydney

Find the Perfect Investment Property in Sydney with Our Help

Finding a suitable investment property in Sydney is about more than finding a decent-looking house for a price you think is a bargain. The process requires deep self-reflection about your long-term financial goals, a review of your current financial situation, a thorough understanding of the local real estate and rental markets, a terrific location and a house that tenants will want to rent.

At Key to Australia, we make it easier to succeed in real estate investing by providing  turnkey solutions for every step of the process.

Sydney investment property

Problems That Key to Australia Addresses

Building an effective property investment strategy or a profitable real estate portfolio is a lengthy and complicated process. Here are a few of the more significant challenges that we help you circumnavigate.

  • Not knowing where to start. If you aren't sure where to begin with your real estate investment in Sydney, give us a call. We always start first-time clients off with a free consultation. There, we'll talk through your current situation, your financial goals, how much you want to invest, your timeline for ROI and other factors. Knowing all these details helps us tailor an investing strategy that makes sense for you.
  • Finding the right location. Instead of helping clients buy existing properties as investment real estate, we work with them to design and build brand-new properties through our land-and-build packages. This option is ideal for investing, because it allows more control over every aspect of the property, from location to specific features to the number of bedrooms. We can help you determine the perfect location for your rental property, including a detailed market analysis to figure out specifics such as rental market desirability and ideal price range.
  • Financing challenges. Obtaining financing to buy a house is difficult enough. Getting funding to build a rental property is, of course, even more difficult. We help you arrange lending and finance so that your investing strategy can come to fruition.

Problems We Address AFTER Your Investment Property in Sydney Is Built

One of the best things about working with Key to Australia on your real estate investment in Sydney is that we are there to help even after the new property is built and officially in your ownership.

Our ongoing services help solve many of the biggest challenges with owning and managing an investment property, including the two big ones:

  • Finding tenants. Four weeks ahead of the estimated completion date for your investment property, we will start advertising for tenants and generating leads. The goal is that, by the time the property is liveable, we will have a tenant lined up to move in.
  • Managing the property. An investment property should be a source of passive income for you. Ongoing property management tasks such as reviewing tenant applications, collecting rent payments or dealing with maintenance requests can make being a landlord too much work—and reduce the attractiveness of real estate investing. We help you avoid these hassles by handling all the property management tasks on your behalf.

Why Customers Should Use Key to Australia

If you are in the market for an investment property in Sydney, contact Key to Australia to schedule your free consultation with our team. With our guidance, advice and turnkey services, you will be able to find your way towards a profitable real estate investment with minimal risk or hassle to you.

The right property investment strategy can supplement your income, stabilise your retirement plans and give you a life of more financial freedom. Take the first steps and reach out to us today.