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Investment Property Designed With Cash Flow And Growth

With over 35 years of experience we've been helping investors purchase investment property that is cash flow positive and in the right areas to achieve capital growth.  We understand the Australian property market and continue to monitor the tried, tested and results driven fundamentals of property investing that gives cash flow and capital growth over time.

We help our clients purchase investment properties that are in large cities not small towns or other areas like mining towns that are volatile - boom, bust.  Our experienced team know and understand the cities that are performing at different times throughout Australia. 

We know the property investment market has cycles so we move accordingly to the market to make sure our clients are always first in mind when it comes to investing in the right areas. This is where wealth is created, not just by buying an investment property but by buying in the right areas at the right time.

At Key To Australia we provide all the necessary services to help you purchase and investment property.  We are with you every step of the way:

  • Offering a free investment property consultation to discuss your property goals
  • We find the right land and build that fits your criteria and situation
  • We help arrange finance and finding the right investment property loan
  • We manage your investmetn property
  • We help you complete settlement on the property
  • We find a suitable tenant to move in on settlement date
  • We complete build of the property including council and connections
  • We arrange accounts and tax returns

Why investment property and not shares?

There has always been a war that has raged on between what is the better investment option, shares or property?  Most of the time in this argument one person is more pro property than shares and the other is more pro shares than property. Obviously both have clear arguments but no real winner comes away clean without any wounds. 

But what is clear and a major talking point that property is a better investment option than shares is the ability to use leverage.  Let me explain.

If you want to purchase a $500,000 property you don't need to come up with the full amount.  In Australia right now you only need a 20% deposit to purchase an investment property. So that means you only need to come up with $100,000. Contact us for an investment property loan.

Where with shares you can only use the $100,000 to purchase shares, banks won't allow you to borrow another $400,000 to purchase more shares.

The game of leverage is a key part to building wealth through property over time.  But whether you like property or shares you can do both, but remember if a company you own shares in goes under, you lose all your money, however if there is a property slump, you don't sell you just hold onto it until the market comes back and like all property investment markets they go down and they go up.  

shares versus investment property
Investment property by key to australia

Why Investment Property?

Australians love to invest in property and so do we. But purchasing and investment property is a lot different to purchasing your own home.

You need to plan well ahead in advance and do your due diligence and most importantly you are not buying on emotion your are buying on the facts and figures, including expected rental income, potential capital growth, type of area, transport access availability of jobs etc.

Before you even start your property investing journey you need to clarify your purpose, your ‘why’ you want to invest in property.

For many the idea of making money and building wealth over time will be the number one reason for investing in property. But there are many ways to invest and depending on your goals, strategies and aspirations will determine your outcome. Results come from planning.

Are you looking for capital gains or passive income are you an investor that is cash rich but time poor or are you cash poor and time rich? Either way you will have a different strategy to someone else when it comes to investing in property.

Then of course it comes done to one main point – financial situation. You need money to invest in property and banks require at least a 20% deposit to purchase an investment property. If you already own a home we can help you use your equity to purchase your first or second investment property, CONTACT US so we can show you how.

  • Building wealth over time
  • Increasing your passive income
  • Growing your investment portfolio
  • Securing your retirement
  • Helping you secure your financial future
  • Produce capital gains
  • Wealth creation
  • Building your generational wealth

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Pros And Cons of Investing in Property

Property investment is risky just like any investment. Even banks who most thought weren't risky though during the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) of 2008 many banks around the world collapsed, with people losing their life savings. Of course hiding your money under a mattress isn't going to help either as someone may break in and steal it. 

So invest your hard earned cash into something tangible, something reliable, something you can leverage off, that gives you passive income and has proven the test of time again and again and that is investment property.

Pros of Investment Property

  • Capital growth
  • Tax deductions
  • Passive income
  • Less volatile
  • Have someone else manage it
  • You can see and touch it
  • You can use leverage
  • Wealth creation
  • Someone else pays your expenses
  • Increase in demand

Cons of Investment Property

  • Not a liquid asset
  • Problem tenants
  • Hidden building issues
  • High entry costs
  • Not all income covers expenses
  • Vacant property
  • Ongoing expenses
  • Fluctuations in interest rates

What Type of Investment Properties do we Offer

Key To Australia helps clients build their property portfolio over time by helping them purchase investment properties in the right cities. However not all properties are the same and that's why we offer choice for our clients depending on their needs, risk analysis and the opportunities that are available in the property market place. 

When we meet with you for the first time we offer our free property investment consultation (book here).  We go through all the details including what are your long term dreams and goals through investment property. We look at your current financial situation and help you build towards owning your own property investment portfolio. 

All our properties are either standalone, dual key or duplex and all include build and land.  They are built with the latest designs and innovations and come with a 20-year build guarantee.  

All properties are built tenant ready to move in on day one of completion which include:

Inclusions in All Our Properties

  • Contemporary style home
  • Full turnkey inclusions (ready to move in)
  • ​Air-conditioning to master & living including fans
  • 6 star energy efficiency
  • Pendant lighting
  • USB powerpoints
  • ​Stone benchtops throughout
  • 900mm stainless steel appliances (incl. dishwasher) 
  • Kitchen mixer and stainless steel kitchen sink
  • ​Blinds to all windows (incl. sliding doors / excl. wet areas)
  • Security screens to all external hinged doors
  • Quality carpet & tiles throughout 
  • 1200mm front door
  • Colorbond roofing
  • ​Fly screens to all opening windows and doors, excluding entry door and garage
  • ​Insultation R 2.5 ceiling batts to all living areas
  • ​Wall mounted fold down clothesline
  • ​Fully fenced section including gate
  • ​Exposed aggregate concrete driveway
  • ​Letterbox
  • ​Exposed aggregate porch, portico and alfresco area
  • ​Landscaped including plant schemes and mulch to front and rear garden
  • ​Hardwired smoke detectors to Australian standard
  • ​Double garage remote controlled door with internal entry
  • Standalone House

  • Dual Key

  • Duplex

Standalone House

These types of investment properties are usually 4 bed two bath with double garage built brand new.  Tenants love these types of properties as they are large homes with land and all the facilities that a new home offers. These properties are built in capital growth areas and have good cash flow. See more here.

Investment property by key to australia
Dual key property by Key to Australia
Land and build property from Key to Australia

Building a Property Portfolio With Key To Australia

  • Experience – Over 35 years in the property market
  • Quality – 20-year builders guarantee
  • Reliability – With you every step of the way
  • Results – Equity and cash flow created for clients
  • Service – Sourcing, finance and management

We Can Help You Find The Right Investment Property

We have been helping Australians, New Zealanders and other investors from around the world purchase investment properties  Our clients purchase from 1, 2 or 4+ properties to add to their portfolio.

We know and understand the Australian property market and what it takes to purchase the right investment property. We have the expertise, the experience and a team of dedicated professionals to get the job done and help you build wealth over time.  We understand and know this is not a get rich business when investing in property, you need to be in it for the long term just like we are for our clients.

Whether you live in Australia, New Zealand or any other country we can work with you to help you purchase investment property in Australia. If you are looking for a
property manager we can also help.

Everyone’s personal circumstances and criteria is different so its important for us to discuss all the details. You can either meet us in our office, your home or over the phone whatever is best for you. We are here to help you become a successful property investor. CONTACT US TODAY.