6 Good Reasons to Invest in Property
Do you sometimes wonder how seasoned property investors got started and why they invest in property? Is property investing really that good of an investment and if so, why doesn't everyone invest in property? Let's go through the top 6 good reasons to invest in property.
Do You Know Where Your Money is Going to Come From When You Retire
No matter what age you are we all dream about what life could look like and if we had lots of money, like winning the lottery, right!
Why the Time is Right for Home Owners With Equity to be on the Lookout for Investment Properties
Do you have equity in your own home then you need to be on the lookout for investment properties. We explain why now is a better time than ever before...
Can New Zealanders Buy Property in Australia?
Do you live in New Zealand? Are you a New Zealand citizen or resident? Are you interested in looking to purchase a home or investment property in Australia? Then I will share with you all the details you need to know.
If You Have $110,000 Where Should You Invest It?
If you have $110,000 where should you invest it? The bank, shares, New Zealand investment property or Australian investment property. Let's find the winner...
Decline in Construction Means Property Market to Boom Again
You may think that Australia is in a downturn, especially after the housing market bubble burst, but the Reserve Bank of Australia is already forecasting the property market to boom again.
Should You Pay Down Debt When Interest Rates Drop?
The official cash rate drops, so the bank drops their rates, should you pay down your debt or keep the extra cash flow and spend it. What do the wealthy do
Cash Rate Stays The Same But Are More Cuts Coming?
Our specific interest rate review will enable you to make the right decision when it comes to purchasing a home, investment property or refinancing.
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