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Property Investment Loan

Choosing a property investment loan is just as important as the property itself. You want to be able to research the market to make sure you find a loan that is competitive but also suits your needs.

There are many lenders to choose from in the market place, and with interest rates and fees being different with different lenders, it's important to compare.

At Key To Australia we offer unbiased advice to help you find the right property investment loan that is not only a low and competitive interest rate but gives you the flexibility you require.

We are able to compare 60 different lenders against each other and with over 600 loan products to choose from we can make sure your best interests are looked after.

What type of property investment loan will I need?

There are so many different property investment loans available but its not a matter of just picking the one with the lowest interest rate.

Your personal circumstances play a major role in determining what type of loan you can get.

Speak to one of our brokers to help you find the best property investment loan that suits you and your investment. Whether you are looking for an interest only loan, principle and interest, fixed rate or variable rate our brokers can help you go through all the options that are available.

Applying for a property investment loan can seem quite daunting, but with our help, support, expertise and experience we will find the right property investment loan for you and your investment.

  • Interest Only Loans

  • Fixed Rate Loans

  • Line of Credit

Interest Only

Interest only loans are as they seem, you only pay the interest on the loan not the principle.  These types of loans are a great way to increase your cash flow. However, these types of loans are only for a period of time, anywhere up to 10 years with some of our lenders. All interest only payments are tax deductible.

Why Invest in Property?

Australians love to invest in property. Purchasing and investment property is a lot different to purchasing your own home. 

You need to plan well ahead and do your due diligence, most importantly don't by on emotion, buy on the facts and figures, including expected rental income, potential capital growth, type of area, transport access availability of jobs etc.

Before you even start your property investing journey you need to clarify your purpose, your ‘why’ you want to invest in property.

For many, the idea of making money and building wealth over time will be the number one reason for investing in property. There are many ways to invest and depending on your goals, strategies and aspirations will determine your outcome. Results come from planning.

Are you looking for capital gains or passive income?

Are you an investor that is cash rich but time poor or are you cash poor and time rich?

Either way you will have a different strategy to someone else when it comes to investing in property.

Then of course it comes down to your financial situation. You need money to invest in property or equity in your own home to use as the deposit and costs associated with your investment purchase.  In most cases, lenders will want you to have 20% deposit, other lenders will accept a smaller deposit.  When accessing your equity, we have proven strategies in place designed to meet your individual circumstances.

  • Build wealth over time
  • Increase your passive income
  • Diversifying your investment portfolio
  • Securing your retirement
  • Helping you secure your financial future
  • Produces capital gains
  • Wealth creation
  • Building generational wealth
Building wealth through property investment loans

How Much Money Do You Need To Purchase An Investment Property?

Finding an investment property to purchase is the easy part, working out your finances and making sure you can purchase an investment can be a bit harder. That’s where a mortgage broker like ourselves can help you through the whole process, so you can focus on your investment property.

The amount of money required to purchase an investment property depends on a number of factors, including the purchase price, expected rental income, will it be negative or positive cash flow before or after tax and where you are getting the deposit from. 

To purchase a residential property, as general rule of thumb, you will need at least a 20% deposit to secure a loan to purchase the property. For example, a $550,000 property a deposit of $110,000 would be required. For a $800,000 property would require a $160,000 deposit.

This does not include stamp duty or any other fees which is dependant on the Australian State you purchase in.

We will be able to go through all the details with you to give you an idea of how much is required. Check out our stamp duty
calculator here.

Ways To Find Your 20% Deposit

  • Cash – From savings or money in your bank
  • Equity – Own home or other investment property
  • Loan – Borrow from another bank
  • Guarantor – Family or friend
  • Joint venture – Find a business partner to help
  • Work out how much you can borrow
  • What are the costs when buying an investment property?
  • Understand your obligations as a landlord
  • Choose the right type of loan
  • Find and build towards your deposit
  • Build your portfolio over time
  • Purchase your next investment property
your credit score for property investment loan

Top Tips To Improve Your Chances Of Your Property Investment Loan Being Approved

  • Lenders like to see consistency with your bank accounts
  • Show a steady employment history
  • Regular deposits going into your savings account
  • Be of good character
  • A good history of paying your bills on time
  • Low credit card limit
  • Good credit history
  • Very little personal debt including credit cards and loans

How To Find Out Your Credit Score

Do not pay to get your credit score it should be free.

We Can Help You Find The Right Property Investment Loan

We have been helping Australians, New Zealanders and investors from around the world apply for loans to purchase investment property in Australia.

We know and understand the lending criteria and the rules around borrowing to purchase an investment property. We have the expertise, the experience and a team of dedicated professionals to get the job done.

Whether you live in Australia, New Zealand or any other country we can work with you to help you purchase an investment property in Australia. 

Everyone’s personal circumstances and criteria is different so it's important for us to discuss all the details with you. You can either meet us in our office, your home or over the phone, whatever is best for you. We are here to help you become a successful property investor. Contact us today

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