Property Management

At Key to Australia we understand that your investment property is a major asset.  It’s important that its looked after, along with making sure its achieving the right rental income.   Our long term experience and research around investment properties allows us to make smart decisions for both you and the tenants.

There are far too many property management companies that are only in it for the money rather than the landlord and tenant. That’s why at Key to Australia we have created our own rental management company that looks after all our client’s properties that are in Queensland.


So when you purchase a property through Key to Australia we manage the property for you though our sister company Key to Rentals. You don’t need to worry about trying to find a property manager that will look after your investment for you, especially if you don’t live in Australia, as it can be very stressful finding the right property manager.

Key to Rentals knows and understand Key to Australias processes and finds a tenant for your investment property so that when your property is completed and ready for a tenant to move in straight away, not 2 – 4 weeks after settlement.


We find that when our clients purchase an investment property through Key to Australia they feel more comfortable knowing that their property will be rented out straight away and will be looked after by a company that specialises in investment property.

If you own an investment property you can also use Key to Rentals to management the property for you.  You don’t have to have purchase a property through Key to Australia to use Key to Rentals services.

Key To Rental Process

When you purchase a property through Key to Australia

  • Complete a management agreement with Key to Rentals
  • KTR coordinates with Key to Australia around completion of build
  • Closer to completion of build advertise for tenant
  • Property viewings
  • Tenancy check
  • Tenant moves in on completion of build and settlement

  • If you own a rental property in Queensland

  • We like to meet with you to discuss your property and understand your expectations
  • We will then visit your property offer a free appraisal and our recommendations
  • From there we would love to have you come on board with us and clarify any questions or queries you may have
  • We will then go through all the paperwork and hand over of the property

    If you would like to use Key to Rental services give them a call or email