Renting With Key To Australia

Renting With Key To Australia

Whether you are renting or a landlord we are committed to making sure both landlords and tenants are looked after.  Without one or the other no one wins so it's important to make sure both parties have the same service and support when needed. 

We provide tenants with the same level of service that we offer to landlords, ensuring both sides stay happy throughout the tenancy. Whether you’re a tenant looking for a new rental property or an existing tenant in one of our current properties, we’ll make sure you're tenancy is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

If you are looking to rent a property through us you can check out our
latest properties for rent.  Or give us a call or fill in your details below and we will get in contact with you.

How A Tenancy Works


Applying for a rental property is easy with online or downloadable application forms from 1Form.  

Your suitability as a tenant will then be assessed from the information you have provided, including your previous or current rental ledgers, employment details, professional references, income statements or payslips, reference letter from previous agent or clean report on the Tenancy Database System (TICA).  Please give as much information as possible and include all parties that will be living in the property.


Once your application via 1Form has been approved we'll send you an offer of tenancy.

This will include the tenancy agreement, bond lodgement form & instructions for paying the deposit to secure the tenancy.


On the day of your tenancy commencement, keys can be collected once all due monies have been paid and you can then start moving in to your new property.

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Renting With Key To Australia Property Management Services

As Gold Coast property management specialists, we’re committed to providing the same high-level of service to every tenant that we offer to our landlords. As a tenant, you can expect to get a personalised service that tends to your needs and requirements.

We understand that happy and healthy tenants are part of every successful property rental, so we’ll always see to it that you get a fair and honest understanding for your tenancy. We’ll also see to it that your rights as a tenant are upheld.

Tenants love renting our properties because:

  • Access to brand new properties 
  • Clear communication via our property managers
  • Respect and care given to all tenants
  • Clean, secure and safe properties to live in
  • All properties comply with all legal requirements
  • Support and attention
property management agreement

Renting With Key To Australia Property Management

Looking for a New Rental Property

All of the properties we currently have available for rent can be view here. We also advertise on If you are interested in viewing one of the properties please call us on (07) 5574 1331 or email us and one of our property managers will contact you to arrange a suitable time for a viewing.

How to Apply to Rent a Property

Applying for a property is easy, once you've viewed the property all you need to do is download our application through 1Form. The information collected will be used to assess your suitability for tenancy, this process includes credit checks on all applicants, rental references from previous landlords plus employment checks. 

Entering Into a Tenancy Agreement

Once your application has been approved we will send you an offer of tenancy including a draft copy of the tenancy agreement, the total amount of bond and two weeks rent in advance to be paid, along with the instructions for payment.   Once the four weeks bond and two weeks rent in advance has been cleared into our trust account the property is available to you. The original lease will be produced, the keys will be prepared and they will be ready for you to collect and sign the morning of the commencement date stated on your draft tenancy agreement.

Start of Your Tenancy

On the day of your tenancy commencement, keys can be collected once all due monies (rent in advance and bond) have been paid and you can then start moving in to your new property. You will be given a receipt of your bond and it will be lodged with the RTA within 10 days.  

Entry Inspections

Prior to your tenancy commencing, we will go through and thoroughly take pictures of the condition of the property, this will provide an accurate record that can be later referred to should a dispute arise. These pictures are used at the end of your tenancy for the bond refund, so it is very important that you take time to ensure that it is correct and you are happy with it. You will have 72 hours to return the condition report or the property managers report stands as the official report come vacancy.

Routine Property Inspections

You will be given at least 7 days' notice (by law) as to when this will take place. You do not have to be present, the inspection takes about 30 minutes and if the inspection is acceptable your next one generally will be every 6 months.  Inspections are an important part of renting as it protects both tenants and landlords.

Payment of Rent

In accordance with your tenancy agreement, rent is payable on or before the due date and at all times must be kept two weeks in advance. Please ensure you use the reference given to you by your property manager agent when making payments so we can correctly allocate your payment. Failure to pay rent on or before the due date will result in proceedings being taken. If you think a rent payment might be late for any reason, please get in touch with us immediately.


Only the people originally included in your application or tenancy agreement are allowed to reside at the property permanently. Anyone staying at the property for a period of 14 days or more must be approved prior by your Property Manager. The total numbers of tenants that may reside at the property is written on your tenancy agreement.

General Maintenance

Should you have a maintenance request you will be given a maintenance repair form at the start of your tenancy which you can send to us via email. Otherwise please contact your property manager if it needs immediate attention. You will also be provided with electrical and plumbing emergency contact details if required for unfortunate circumstances that happen outside of our office trading hours. We will do all that we can to take care of the maintenance issue as quickly as possible. Whether you break something accidentally or it just stopped working, we would rather know about it straight away. Communication is best around maintenance issues.

Looking to Own Your Own Home?

We love helping tenants purchase their own home and land.  We specialise in building brand new properties (including the land) for first time or second time home buyers. We can tailor your exact needs on what type of property you would like to build or take advantage of our tailored packages.  Land and build prices start from $480,000 move in ready. 

Looking to Purchase a Property But Struggling to Find The Deposit

Whether you are a looking to purchase your first home or an investment property our finance team can help you find the deposit needed.  We have access to over 60+ lenders/banks and over 600 loan products to choose from.  We take your unique situation and tailor it to find the loan that fits you.  If we still can't find the right loan we can also look at our budget planning mentoring package, where we will help you skyrocket your savings plan.